Changing Links at Nook

Wyvern's Angel, #9 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeI’ve changed the way my books get to Barnes and Noble and this means that the links for them have changed in the Nook store. The links are all updated here on the site.

The one exception is Wyvern’s Angel. It was up for pre-order at Nook and the new link isn’t live yet. Some of you had placed orders for it, but I want to make sure that you can get updated versions of the ebook. I’ve cancelled the existing pre-order at Nook, so your order will be cancelled, too. When the new link is live (which will be very close to publication date), I’ll let you know. Then you can order that version, which will ensure that you get any updates to the book.

I’ll let you know when that link is up, both here on the blog and in the Dragons and Angels newsletter. 🙂